We carry ADM Alliance Nutrition Feed for a wide variety of farm livestock..from four legged
to feathered...large and small. Our barn is stocked with over 35 different ADM products
including Proud Paws dog and cat food. If we don't carry what you need, we will try to get it
for you. You can visit
www.admani.com to see what is available for your animals.

Moorman's ShowTec Show Feed Products are available year-round. Some we keep in
stock and others we can order.

Also, we offer some of our own feed products: shelled corn, apple flavored corn, steer feed
and sweet feed, all made from corn raised on our farm.

Bird Seeds are plentiful...8 different mixtures for wild birds, and many single grain varieties
such as sunflower seeds, thistle, millet and wheat. Some of the other bird and animal feeds
we carry are pigeon, pot bellied pig, parrot, guinea pig, and more.

If you need HOLISTIC dog and cat foods, we are now stocking "Earthborn" brand pet foods.
Dry or wet, we carry a wide variety, and can order the products not in stock. Visit their web
site at